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Anne Cathrine Bomann is a psychologist and lives in Copenhagen with her philosopher boyfriend and their dog Camus. She is a 12 times Danish Champion in table tennis and played several seasons abroad and one season for French Fontenay-sous-Bois where she lived on Rue des Rosettes no. 9. The address where the main character in Agathe lives. Agathe is her debut novel.

She’s been writing since the day she learned how to, and her first poetry collection was released when she was 15 years old. During her first years as a psychologist she worked full time and wrote whenever she could find time. In 2015, she decided she wasn’t going to end up as a bitter old woman regretting she never tried to realize her dream. She knew she had to change something. So, she quit her full-time job and found a part-time job, and finally had time to write. She hasn’t regretted that decision for a second. Being a psychologist and an author has turned out to be a good combination. It’s from conversations and relationships with people she finds inspiring stories for her writing.

Bomann feels fortunate to have a job where she can meet many different people, each with their own story to tell, which cultivates her fascination for the human mind, both as a psychologist and an author.

One of the themes that keep appearing in her writing, is the struggle between longing for closeness and, at the same time, running away from it.

There’s something incredibly vulnerable about opening up to other people, and her texts often deal with the fear of what could happen if you let someone get close to you. And the loneliness and lack of intimacy you may feel if you don’t. She wants to depict the complexity of things, the gray areas.

That way, the act of writing becomes a study of the very existence with all its mess, inconsistency and beauty.

112 pages

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2017 – Agathe (Agathe), literary novel


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