Nilla Kjellsdotter

A man is found shot dead in a park early one morning in August. The bullet hit him in the temple, and he died immediately, leaving a wife and small children behind. But what was he doing out late on a Sunday night? And why did someone want to kill him?

Mija Wadö is put in charge of the case, and, while she works, she tries to keep her mind off the life-changing information she recently learned. Ronnie is back at the station, and their working relationship is getting stronger. But when another man is found shot in the same way, the police are faced with a growing mystery.

The author Zarita Roos is struggling to write her new book when, at a restaurant, she overhears two police officers talking about a new murder case. The details are frighteningly familiar.

Nilla Kjellsdotter is back with a new page-turner about Mija Wadö and her colleagues at the Ostrobothnian Police.


Finland: Gummerus
Norway: Cappelen Damm
Sweden: Norstedts


Close Your Eyes is a crime novel with pace and captivating characters. The main character, the police Mija Wadö, is particularly interesting. The language is well written and simple, but not lacking depth. It is refreshing that the murder victims are not young women, and embedded in the story is an original meta perspective about a crime writer, which is woven together with the central storyline well. The environment in which the story takes place, in the Swedish-speaking part of eastern [sic] Finland, is also fascinating.”

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