Contained (Inmurade)
The Children of Firn Village 1

Lena Ollmark

The most frightening ghost stories are not at all set on old attics and in abandoned buildings, but rather where one is supposed to feel most secure and safe. None of the construction workers wanted to admit it, but what was behind the brick wall in the basement made them all feel uncomfortable. The school desks and the teacher’s desk were covered with a thick layer of dust. On a couple of the desks, books were still open. As if a school class got up and left the room and then disappeared. What had actually happened here?

The Firn Village school has just been renovated for the new school year. Leo, Natta and Teddy will start sixth grade at a school located near Firn Village, the community that got its name after the severe snowstorms in the area. Disagreements immediately turn up between the three students. But then something happens downstairs in the basement, in the new arts and crafts class room, something the three of them witness together. Among saw blades, drills and burners, something seems to be hiding.

Later, a serious accident occurs at the same place. Reluctantly, Leo, Natta and Teddy must try to cooperate. Have they lured something out down there or is all this happening just by coincidence? More than onehundred years ago, a terrible blizzard raged in the area. Some children were trapped in school with their strictly religious teacher. What happened to them is a well-kept secret. But somewhere in the building there are still traces of an ancient evil.

189 pages


Sweden: B. Wahlström


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