– Everything will be okay now, Sabine whispered. Don’t you understand?

Tess and André stared down into the dark cellar. The air was heavy with moisture and the stench of death and decay hit them like a punch in the gut. Black mold spread out like terrifying tentacles over the walls. Something was moving down there in the shadows, something dark, sick and disturbing that shouldn’t be there.

– For God’s sake, Sabine, Tess mumbled with panic in her voice. What have you done?

It is said that haunted places are brought to life by haunted people. For a long time shadows from the past have tormented the youth of Disby in their nightmares. But now everyone seems to look the other way, to forget and move forward. Tess doesn’t dare to tell anyone that she’s still afraid, that she still visits the Nightground in her dreams. But when a little girl suddenly disappears without a trace, it gets harder for the residents of Disby to pretend that there is nothing to worry about.

Tess and André realize that they are once and for all must find out the truth about what has really happened in Disby. Could the dead from the Nightlground be back? Who are they? Do they want to harm them – or are they perhaps trying to warn them about something really disturbing that is about to happen? And what if it is the very truth that will haunt you and torment you in your nightmares? If so – would you then still want to know?

The Revenant is the third and final part in the horror trilogy Nightground. It is a story about how love, loss and grief can awaken dark and terrifying forces, perhaps even within ourselves.


Sweden: B Wahlströms


“The Revenant, the final part in Lena Ollmark’s Nightground trilogy, takes the reader on a frightening and mysterious journey in a world where supernatural forces and dark secrets reign supreme. An atmosphere of discomfort, horror and suspense is skilfully built up […] The Revenant is gripping and exciting and ties the different storylines/threads from the previous books together very well.”
Rating: 5

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