Stigmatized (Brännmärkta)
The Children of Firn Village 2

Lena Ollmark

In the forest there are traces of an ancient evil. Something was moving. The man sat still. Then he laughed a little embarrassed to himself, straightened himself up in the seat and looked out at the deforestation area. Something he regretted that very moment. What he saw would forever haunt him through nightmares and during dark lonely nights.

The nightmares are also painfully alive for Leo, Natta and Teddy, since the night when the screams that got trapped in the basement of the school were liberated. They made sure the children got peace and rest and that the crazy teacher disappeared. Or did she? When children start to disappear from school in present time, the ghost story suddenly feels awfully accurate, the one about the root girl from the forest that lure children to her, and then catches them in the root rolls. The secret games with “the girl in the forest” no longer seem so innocent. Who is the root girl really? And is there a connection between her and the old teacher?

Natta, Leo and Teddy are forced to search again and ward off an ancient evil …

201 pages


Sweden: B. Wahlströms


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