Not much happens in the Tree village. Life moves along, the residents work in the fields and the guards make sure no one leaves the premises. For Filix, who doesn’t really fit in, the time moves slowly. He longs for his mother but has been reconciled to the idea that he will probably never see her again. He is stuck in the village, whether he wants to or not.

Then suddenly something happens. The Mine Council, which rules the village, needs Filix’s help: He is to infiltrate the settlers, a group that broke out and disappeared from the village many years ago. Since Filix has only been in the woods for a few months, none of the settlers will recognize him, he is perfect for the assignment! But everything gets much more difficult than Filix thought. What is his best friend Hazel Corkscrew’s connection to the settlers? And is it true that there is a traitor in the village?

In the first Filix Wood book, SURVIVAL OF THE WEAKEST, we got to follow Filix’s journey from the big city to the secret world in the crowns of the tree, where all that counts are physical strength and courage.

The Night of the Greedy Dogs is the second, exciting book about Filix Wood and life in the magical forest world.

338 pages


Czech Republic: Dobrovsky
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


”Just like part one, this is a well-written and well thought out fantasy book for the younger crowd, with beautifully described environments, characters and relationships. […] an imaginative adventure about courage, friendship and loyalty. Overall rating: 4”

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