Who is Håken with the burning gaze and how can he have such power over Aris? Is he a demon or Ari’s innermost being?

Aris lives with his mother in a poverty-stricken suburb of Stockholm. Aris has learned to turn his back at school, run fast, and if he ducks he avoids being hit in the head by the gravel that the boys in the school yard throw.

Håken, the one with the burning gaze, the one sitting on a branch high up in a tree, seems to know things about Aris. There are so many exciting things happening when he hangs out with Håken. Things that Aris never even dared to dream about.  But who is Håken really? A real person or a demon?

My New Friend Håken is a story about finding your own path and the strange within.

Illustrations by Peter Bergting.

88 pages


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“An important and interesting book.”
Rating: 4

”I was completely immersed in this masterpiece.”
annaochböckerna / SWE

“Brilliant composed!”
lillabusläser / SWE

“Petrus Dahlin is masterful as usual. If anyone can write thrilling stories, it’s him. The book is also illustrated by Peter Bergting, just one of those things. Masterful!”
feelbadbibliotekarien / SWE

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