Love stinks. Or maybe it just needs a shower …

Vienna: famous for Mozart, waltzes, and pastry; less famous for Julia, a Swedish transplant who spends her days teaching English to unemployed Austrians and her evenings watching Netflix with her cat or club hopping with a frenemy. An aspiring novelist, Julia’s full of ideas for future bestsellers: A writer moves his family to a deserted hotel in the dead of winter and spirals into madness! A homely governess loves a brooding man whose crazy wife is locked up in the attic! Fine, so they’ve been done. Doesn’t mean Julia won’t find something original.

Then something original finds Julia—sits down next to her on a bench, as a matter of fact. Ben is handsome (under all that beard) and adventurous (leaps from small bridges in a single bound). He’s also sexy as hell and planning to shuffle off to Berlin before things can get too serious. Oh, and Ben lives in a public park.

Thus begins a truth stranger than any fiction Julia might have imagined: a whirlwind relationship with a guy who shares her warped sense of humor and shakes up the just-okay existence she’s been too lazy to change. Ben challenges her to break out; she challenges him to settle down. As weeks turn to months, Julia keeps telling herself that this is a chapter in her life, not the whole book. If she writes the ending, she can’t get hurt.

But what if the ending isn’t hers to write?

218 pages


Bulgaria: Colibri
Canada: Harper Collins
Czech Republic: Host
Denmark: Turbine
Estonia: Tänapäev
Finland: Gummerus
France: Fleuve Editions
Germany: dtv
Greece: Psichogios
Hungary: Alexandra
Italy: Harper Collins
Lithuania: Svajoniu Knygos
The Netherlands: Uitgeverij Q
Norway: Gyldendal
Poland: Rebis
Russia: Arcadia
Serbia: Samizdat
Spain: Harper Collins Ibérica
Sweden: Albert Bonniers
UK: Harper Collins
US: Harper Collins


”I LOVE THIS BOOK. It’s smart, it’s beautiful. It’s freaking hilarious.”
Malin Persson Giolito, Amelia / SWE

”A definite raise in serotonin thanks to Emmy Abrahamson’s funny bones.”
Dagens Nyheter / SWE

”Emmy Abrahamson is a comic genious.”

”One of the most beautiful, sad, and funny love stories I’ve ever read.”
Skånska Dagbladet / SWE

”Both truly entertaining and really, really funny.”
Trelleborgs Allehanda / SWE

”One of the biggest remainders of How to fall in love with a man who lives in a bush is that it’s so hilariously funny. Both funny because Emmy Abrahamson manages to create characters that stick with you through short and witty expressions, and because she gives her characters lines and situations that you get to laugh haha-out-loud at.”
Smålandsposten / SWE

“… a shockingly funny romantic comedy”
The Times

“This heartwarming tale of self-discovery is filled with many laugh-out-loud moments. Julia is a very relatable character, despite such quirks as taking street surveys and donating plasma, and while her growth is sometimes slow, it is always endearing. Readers who relish an easy, enjoyable read will enjoy this, and the moral of Abrahamson’s story—look beyond the surface to see who a person really is—is presented humbly and delicately, inspiring a smile of satisfaction with its conclusion.”

“In Julia, Abrahamson has created a heroine who is smart, funny and very likable—someone you would like to befriend. While it’s tempting to dismiss How to Fall in Love as a simple ‘happily ever after’ love story, Abrahamson’s clever writing makes it a worthwhile read.”
Winnipeg Free Press

“Utterly charming and laugh-out-loud funny. This is a total pick-me-up of a novel. Adored it.”
Susie Steiner, author of Missing, Presumed and Persons Unknown

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