Alicja has just moved into a hovel on Österlen together with her mum and dad. It could have been alright if Alicja’s mum wasn’t so damn Polish.

She forces Alicja’s friends to eat soup made from boiled, mushy vegetables (sugar beet? onion? potato?) along some kind of meat (pork? chicken? human?) and asks things that no Swedish mum would ever ask.

As if that wasn’t enough, her mum’s massive smoker cousin Sylwia moves in with her daughter Celestyna. Celestyna steals Alicja’s clothes and Sylwia forces Alicja to go with them to Vadstena when the pope comes to visit Sweden. Of course, it all ends in disaster. Sylwia is arrested when she rushes the stage in all her pope-adoration, Celestyna disappears, and Alicja herself accidentally breaks the newly planted holy tree.

Why couldn’t they just have gone to see Björn Skifs like any other regular Swedish family?


Finland: Karisto Publishing
Germany: dtv
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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