When you’re as small as a beetle, a greenhouse becomes like a huge, wild jungle. Sweltering heat, rustling leaves where scary, hungry creatures are hiding everywhere and tomato and chili plants are as big as a house… There is only one way to get out – to climb up through the jungle.

Desta is shocked when it happens again, exactly like when she got stuck in the water labyrinth. Suddenly she is tiny, and to become big and get home again she has to answer a number of tricky riddles and fight all the insects that want to eat her. What luck that her friend Til, who has now become a real frog, is with her!

The Adventure in the Tomato Jungle is the second book about Desta and Til, a fast-paced adventure to read alone or together, with wonderful color illustrations by Felicia Iversen.

81 pages


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“Warm, exciting and easy-to-read. /…/ Emmy Abrahamsson has succeeded in weaving facts about plants and animals into Desta’s story, and it is skillful to include facts at a child’s level in a fiction book in such a light-hearted way. With its straightforward language, the book is suitable for readers at all levels, and the story is beautifully enriched by Felicia Iversen’s colorful and imaginative illustrations.” Rating: 4

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