What was she doing? Making photocopies of her face, taking naps with a suicidal fifty-year-old man, and arranging meetings to discuss weird musicals? And what had happened with her acting? She used to perform plays by Shakespeare, Brecht, and Orton at drama school. Now her world was falling apart when she couldn’t get parts in lesbian vampire movies or Ukrainian tampon commercials. How, and when, did everything go so wrong?

Filippa Karlsson has changed her name to Bond. She has an agent who speaks in exclamation points, and she has learned to always bring a copy of your resume along with pictures of yourself, but that isn’t enough in the tough acting world in London. And she still needs to pay rent and afford food. In an act of desperation, she takes a job as a photo copier with a company that has moved to another country. The only fun thing about the job is that you can make copies of different body parts. When she gets the lead in a movie, she hopes everything will change.

The third and last part about Filippa Karlsson’s adventures and acting dreams in London. Full of entanglements and hilarious humor by the author who herself used to live in the theater world in London.


Germany: dtv
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren

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