About longing to leave, longing to be someone else, about love, about handsome guys and sore girls, about things that feel, about things that break. Hanna Jedvik’s debut gets under your skin.

Maja bangs her head against the wall and dreams of love. Everyone thinks she’s strong, but no one sees the things that hurt on the inside. Maja has answers, is wise and in control, at least that’s what her friend Lina says. Maja would never have gone to an after-party with four guys like Lina did. Lina wishes she could blame what happened on someone other than herself.

Maja and Lina are like night and day, even though they are so similar. While Maja always does her best to keep up appearances, never crying, getting angry or shouting, Lina does whatever comes to mind. Maja is a fluttering love wreck and Lina never seems to fall in love, she doesn’t even dare to trust anyone, because all you get is shit. Maja longs for the big city and Lina can barely live with herself. They are each other’s closest friends, but there are always secrets that you can’t tell anyone.

Soon I’ll Be Gone is Hanna Jedvik’s debut and is a convincing and credible novel about friendship, love, loyalty, and how easily things can fall apart.


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“a strong and engaging debut novel”
Gunilla Wedding, Skånska Dagbladet / SWE

“A very strong debut. Rating: 4”
Magnus Utvik, SVT / SWE

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