Jan-Erik Fjell

Anton Brekke #5

In autumnal contemporary Fredrikstad in Norway, the remains of a human hand are recovered from a 1978 Cadillac. At the same time a woman is found murdered at a local rubbish dump.

Anton Brekke is sent to Fredrikstad to work out what links the two events. Already there is Magnus Torp, and the two of them are confronted with an investigation in which nothing is quite what it first appears. They hit dead end after dead end, and the quest for the truth forces Anton Brekke to cross line after line.

In glittering and grand 70s Vegas, where anything is possible if you have the money, a young Norwegian woman encounters the casino mogul Elliot Applebaum. When she one day sees something she shouldn’t have she is forced to flee to stay alive.

The Fortune Hunter alternates between today and the 1970s, and between the grey everyday of Fredrikstad and the allure of Las Vegas. The two are expertly interwoven into one thrilling story, with a conclusion that will surprise everyone.

The Fortune Hunter is the fifth book in Jan-Erik Fjell’s prize-winning and much talked-about crime series following the brusque and sometimes heavy-handed Anton Brekke, a detective with the Norwegian Kripos elite investigations team in Oslo.

551 pages


Finland: Harper Collins Nordic
Iceland: Bókabeitan
Norway: Capitana
Slovakia: Marencin
Sweden: Harper Collins Nordic


“Jan-Erik Fjell is quite simply in a league of his own with The Fortune Hunter … Its glittering and engaging characters live and breathe, and its sub-plot is so real you can smell it. There is a mystery that provokes interest and curiosity, and which challenges me as a reader. There are important social questions up for debate; themes such as loneliness, addiction, organised crime and war crimes. What’s more, the author has begun to write better and better. He has developed his language in the right direction from one book to the next, and is now on a level with our best crime writers. The easiest crime recommendation I’ll give this year!”
Geir Tangen at / NO (Norwegian crime writer who also runs Norway’s biggest crime book blog.)

“Elegantly written.”
Lars Weberg, Fredriksstad Blad / NO