Anton Brekke #1

Fjell’s debut novel, The Snitch follows two timelines. The first is set in the 1960’s and explores a young man’s violent career in the mafia in New York. The second, in present‐day Fredrikstad, Norway, where the city’s richest man is murdered shortly after announcing an unexpected change for his company.

Superintendent Anton Brekke, from KRIPOS (the national Norwegian investigation service), heads the investigation. Brekke is a man of contrasts. His affronting personality, laziness and base humour have earned him few friends in the police force. Yet his abilities are undeniable, and he has a compassionate heart underneath the facade. Brekke will need all his skills to solve this case, finding the threads that connect a bewildering number of very different people, from different times and places.

383 pages


Czech Republic: Omega/Knihy Dobrovský
Denmark: People’s
Finland: Harper Collins Nordic
Germany: Goldmann
Iceland: Bókabeitan
Israel: Kor’im Publishers
Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC
Korea: Wisdom House
Norway: Bonnier Norsk
Poland: Czarna Owca
Portugal: Dom Quixote
Slovakia: Marencin
Sweden: Harper Collins Nordic


2010 – Norwegian Booksellers’ Award


“True Jo Nesbo style.”
Femina / SWE

“A powerful debut. This is crime fiction of the highest quality; convincing, credible and – not least – exciting from first to last page.”
Dagbladet / NO

“Move over, Jo Nesbø! Impressive crime debut.”
Stavanger Aftenblad / NO

“This is Fjell’s first crime novel, and he already knows how to do it. This is 100 % entertaining.”

“He always impresses, managing to captivate his readers and create a plot with international élan.”
Fredriksstad Blad / NO

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