IN DREAMS (Norra Latin)

Sara B. Elfgren

Tamar’s dream is to become an actress. Clea has grown up in the theatre and on film sets. One rainy day in August they enter the esteemed theatre programme at Norra Latin Upper Secondary School in Stockholm. They are in the same class, but are worlds apart.

Tamar has left her family and friends and moved to a new city, only to realize that she doesn’t fit in at her new school. Clea is born and raised in Stockholm and effortlessly ends up at the top of the hierarchy at Norra Latin.

But the venerable building harbors many secrets. A tragedy that occurred during the time Norra Latin was a boys’ school has transformed into urban legend. During the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the auditorium, a teacher died and one of the young actors disappeared without a trace. What happened on that night almost seventy years ago? What is fact and what is myth? And who walks in the shadows of Norra Latin?

In Dreams is the first part in a quartet of stand alone novels. 

578 pages


Germany: Arctis Verlag
Israel: Sela Publishers
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“How I enjoy cuddling up with In Dreams! I adore it!”
Tone Almhjell, Norwegian author of The Twistrose Key and Thornghost

“I couldn’t stop reading and finished at four in the morning. (…) A book for everyone who loves the fantasy genre. Inclusive and innovative.”
Sara “SongBird” Linderholm / Swedish YouTuber with over 100,000 followers

“Since this is portrayed with such astuteness and virtuosity in In Dreams, it becomes a true pleasure to follow the events of the story. (…) a page-turner.”
Yukiko Duke, renowned literary critic and BookTuber / SWE


“One of this fall’s best young adult novels.”
Dagens Nyheter / SWE

”This book is a treat.”

“A perfect blend of fantasy, thrills, everyday life and characters that remain with you. One of the best books of the year.”
Stockholm City Library’s Instagram @laslusten for Y.A literature

”In Dreams is the best book I’ve read this year. Impossible to put down.”
Johanna at Dillberg’s bookstore

In Dreams is an brilliant book by an equally brilliant Swedish writer!”
Kim Jakobsson, / SWE

“(…) impossible to put down.” / SWE

“This is, without exaggeration, this year’s best young adult novel! 5/5.” / SWE

“Elfgren (…) is eerily ingenious when it comes to portraying teenagers. One starts to believes the characters can be found and followed on Instagram. (…) Her writing is precise and detailed without being overwrought.”
Expressen / SWE

“I think they (the readers) will be overjoyed by this novel’s fresh and lush universe (…).”
Arbetarbladet / SWE

“Sara B. Elfgren has done it again: a page-turner with settings and characters that drew me in and made me part of the story. (…) future classic.”
Agneta Norrgård, literary critic, and Bookstagrammer @agnetasabc. / SWE

“I love this book. Period.”
Carolina läser …, book blog / SWE

“(…) here’s everything you wished for: incredibly well-written and complex characters, vivid and astute observations and, in addition to that, some magic to bring matters to a head.”
Dagens bok, blog / SWE

“Relevant, thrilling and exceedingly well-written.”
Bokelin, blog / SWE

“The novel is a striking companion to the testimonies of Swedish actresses in the #metoo movement.”
Göteborgs-Posten / SWE

“Sara B. Elfgren’s new novel In Dreams is beyond great and creates a magic of its own. (…) a world so real that you believe everything that takes place in it.”
Tidningen Kulturvinden, book blog / SWE

“Even though I am usually averse to supernatural elements in novel, I wholly accept them in Sara B. Elfgren’s novel. (…) the blurred line between reality and imagination is what makes In Dreams a truly great read. I adore it.”
Enligt O, book blog / SWE

“I want to read more this instant!”
Prickiga Paula, book blog / SWE

“In dreams exists to be read and loved! 4+/5”
Boktokig, book blog / SWE

“An amazing read that I want to recommend to everybody, even those who – like myself – shy away from speculative fiction”
Stories from the City, book blog / SWE

“I’m starting to think of Tamar, Clea and Tim as real people. (…) I googled the school several times thinking: the school has to be a real school, right? Or how come everything else feels so real? A stunning young adult novel (…)”, book blog / SWE

In Dreams surpassed my high expectations. (…) It is, in short, irresistible.”
Fantasy Book of the month by The Science Fiction bookstore chain / SWE

“The author creates a young adult novel in the intersection between realism, urban fantasy, historical fiction and horror. (…) The author uses literary references and mythology in a skilful manner. (…) Sara B. Elfgren’s lucid prose is masterfully balanced. (…) The result is a thoroughly well-written page turner that will linger with the reader, young people as well as adults. 5/5”

“OK, this is SO great. The writing, the characters and the story. And those of you who have read the Engelsfors trilogy won’t be disappointed.”
Children’s Book Club / SWE

“A book for a day on the couch Because In Dreams is unputdownable.”
Norrbottens-Kuriren /SWE