In an imaginative and touching way, Sara B. Elfgren and Maria Fröhlich portray a topic which never stops fascinating us – time.

In just one hour the cousins will arrive! But right now, that hour seems like an eternity. Why does the length of time seem so different from time to time? Sometimes it’s a drag and sometimes it flies. In Time For Each Other a long and boring wait turns into a fanciful conversation about time and life, bees and dinosaurs. And suddenly the hour has gone by and the doorbell rings.

32 pages


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


Time for Each Other has two stories: one story which you read through on auto pilot. There is a child waiting for the cousins and it is an hour until they arrive. The other story lays in the title Time for Each Other. I read in a lot in that. Fill in and interpret. I allow myself to float out. And how I float! (If one wants to model how to read between the lines for children, I say Time for Each Other is excellent). I like how illustrations and text interact with each other.”
Bokhora / SWE

“This book is simply a small revolution.”
Expressen / SWE

“If I have ever read a masterpiece, this is it.”
Book Obsession, blog / SWE

“My absolute favourite among this year’s crop of picture books.”
Bokboxen, blog / SWE

“A big topic, told with a large portion of warmth. The fact that time just goes on and on, or that time heals all wounds can be difficult to understand. Nor can we go back in time or see into the future. We know that our time on earth is short. But right now, we have time for each other.”
Göteborgsposten / SWE

“Nice & memorable !!!”
Jennies boklista, blog / SWE

“Time for Each Other holds both every day issues and poetry. It takes off in the feeling of how hard it can be to wait for someone, and then smoothly continues into bringing up serious thoughts about time and life.
There is something about the tone in Sara B. Elfgren’s text which reminds me about Shaun Tan, and for me that is a good thing. But Time for Each Other is less melancholic and more inspiring. The illustrations do not remind about Shaun Tan’s, but these as well, made by Maria Fröhlich, are very nice and colorful.”
Book Freak / SWE

Time for Each Other, is a picture book, but definitely not just a picture book for children, it is a picture book for human beings. Thinking human beings who are contemplating over and philosophizing about life, but still cannot grasp everything – especially not the matter of time. Another very good book to read together with others and to talk about. I would have needed this book as a teenager!”
Prickiga Paula, blog / SWE

“A wonderful text, which in few words sweeps the reader on a dizzying journey.”
Göteborgs-Posten / SWE

“It was time to buy a picture book.”
Boktjuven / SWE

“Loved it!”
Swebookobsession, blog / SWE

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