”It’s Saturday and my cousin Nova is having a party. My body is prickling when I wake up. It prickles and tickles and scratches and itches and suddenly: ACHOO!”

Your throat is aching and your head is pounding, but who wants to miss a fun party? Better hide the fact that you’re sick – until you can’t.

Sara B. Elfgren and Maria Fröhlich have created the perfect book for staying at home with a sick child! In I’m Not Sick!, we are taken on a warm, humorous and familiar journey, straight into the land of freaky fever dreams. In the centre of the story are the mother and child from the pair’s previous books, Let’s Play (2016) and Time for Each Other (2015), which were warmly received by critics and readers.

32 pages


Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


“An imaginative and encouraging read when the cold and the fever are at their worst.”
Top Children’s Books of 2019, Barnboksprat.se / SWE

“Elfgren and Fröhlich give us a pleasant fantasy for days when you are sick in bed.”
SR, Sveriges Radio / SWE

“This book is full of life, entertainingly told (…) with a clever twist at the end.”

“an entertaining and relatable read (…)”
Eskilstuna-Kuriren / SWE

“There’s a lot of recognition and the text and Maria Fröhlich’s delightful illustration enhance the reading experience even further. (…) Timeless stories that you happily reread again and again.”
4/5, Agneta Norrgård / SWE

“just as lovely and imaginative as the two earlier books!”
Mediatekets blogg / SWE

“Funny, warm and beautifully illustrated!”
Jenniesboklista.com / SWE

“I’m very fond of the charming dog. I recommend this book!”
Västmanländskans bokblogg / SWE

“(…) wonderful reading for February when many stay home with sick kids.”
4/5, Barnboksfamiljen.se / SWE

“A relatable and funny tale that holds up for several rereads (…).”
och dagarna går …, blog / SWE

“I am so fond of this lovely book by Sara B. Elfgren and Maria Fröhlich.”
Hanna Rosell / SWE

“Reading I’m not Sick! is the perfect comfort the next time a cold keeps you home from a birthday party.”
Prickiga Paula / SWE

“So relatable! A wonderful story (…)!
Louise Winblad, Hej hej Vardag / SWE

“Things can get really weird when you’re sick, O says, completely taken in by the story. (…) 5/5.”
@barnbokjakten, Instagram

“Another wonderful children’s book by Sara B. Elfgren and Maria Fröhlich. (…) It made me happy even before I opened it!”
@sofiesbokblogg, Instagram

I’m not sick! is an excellent book. Every child can relate to a cold getting in the way of a highly anticipated event. (…) The illustrations go incredibly well with the text. (…) 5/5.”
@villivonkansbooks, Instagram

“Perfect for the flu season, and we especially love the charming dog Frasse. 4/5”
@johannasdeckarhorna, Instagram

“A cozy and funny read. 5/5.”
annanadine.com / SWE

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