It is our great pleasure to announce that GRANDE, BRO! (Brorsan är kung!) by Jenny Jägerfeld, translated by Laura Cangemi and published by Iperborea, has won the 2024 Andersen Prize. Category: best book for ages 12+. 

The Andersen Prize is the most prestigious Italian award for children’s literature. Since 1982, the magazine has been a focal point for all editorial production dedicated to children and young adults, supported by a network of professionals in the book supply chain. The aim is to promote culture policies for children, something the award contributes with. The jury gave Jenny’s TOP BRO this motivation: 

“For the clear precision in telling the story of an adolescence in search of a place in the world. For the frankness of the language and the ability to pose questions without providing predetermined answers. For the delicacy and simplicity with which the author speaks of identity, of not feeling comfortable in one’s own body, and the need to live it free from impositions.” 

The award ceremony will be held May 25th.  

Måns normally lives in Stockholm, where everything is pretty boring and tedious. But right now he’s in a new city over the summer. He has come with his mother to Malmö, where she will be working. One of the first days he meets Mikkel, a guy who looks absolutely horrifying and dangerous, his eyes are narrow, like angry slits and he has tattoos all over his arms. Mikkel challenges Måns on skateboard, and Måns succeed much better than Mikkel had thought. From that day they begin to hang out and Måns has never had so much fun with someone else. The summer in Malmö seems to be the best in Måns’ eleven-year old life. But what happens when your newfound friend does not think that you have been honest with everything?  

TOP BRO! is also nominated for The Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2024. The winners will be announced October 18, at the Frankfurt Book Fair. 

Huge congratulations Jenny!