My mom made people cry. She still makes people cry, even though she isn’t even alive. Sometimes when my dad takes a shower, I can hear he is crying. I guess he thinks I can’t hear. But I do. That’s why I’m never going to cry. Never! And I’m not going to make people cry either. I’m going to make people laugh. That’s my mission!

Sasha has just turned twelve. The atomic number of magnesium. Her mom used to say that some people have funny bones. It’s like they are funny all the way into the skeleton. Then there are those who can learn to be funny if they practice. There is also a third kind of people that are not fun at all, no matter how much they try (Cecilia, Sasha’s teacher, is probably one of those). Sadly, Sasha suspects she doesn’t have funny bones, but she has a plan: She IS going to be a real comedy queen! And she’s going to practice until every boring bone in her body is funny. If she only succeeds in making people laugh, maybe the other thing will disappear. That thing that lies behind the eyes and burns and threatens to fall down the cheeks in the form of – well actually – fatal tears.

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Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren