A list of five things that would be more enjoyable than falling in love with Adrian:

  1. Drop tabasco in the eye.
  2. Use two wasp nests as gloves.
  3. Bath with a toaster.
  4. Make ear piercings with a hole punch.
  5. Move in together with a grizzly bear with aggression problems.

A lot has changed in Sigge’s life since moving to the small town Skärblacka. Now he has both friends in the class and his best friend Juno to be with, and he loves living at his grandmother’s boarding house The Royal Grand Golden Hotel Skärblacka. Although Sigge is sometimes afraid of being bullied again, he dares more and more to show who he is. But the questions is hoe he can show Adrian that he likes him without revealing that he is gay? When do you even tell such a thing, could it be on the long-awaited class trip?

Jenny Jägerfeld is back with a story about family and friendship, identity and love – and being allowed to both be and love whoever you want. As always, Jägerfeld masters the skill of combining heart breaking topics with humor and liberating laughs. Touching and profound, yet funny in the Jägerfeld way. My Royal Grand Golden Love is the final part of the trilogy about Sigge, which first installment won Best children’s book 2020 by Swedish Radio and was nominated for both the August Prize and the prestigious Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis.


Estonia: Varrak
Finland: Otava
Germany: Urachhaus
Sweden: Rabén & Sjögren


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