The financial matador Enn Mann can control his dreams. He is a great dream artist.

But along with him refining his techniques and dream up one outstanding masterpiece after another, Enn’s awake life starts to mess with him. The most unlikely things happen. Anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Or do they not?

What is dream and what is reality, anyway? And what exactly is a real experience? The hunt for answers and experiences becomes a surreal and exciting journey from wacky events, important insights and bottomless meaninglessness.

Does he have a life? Is he TV? Or cult film? Or ADHD in the shape of a novel?

158 pages


Sweden: Kalla Kulor Förlag, HOI (e-right)


“The pace of this book is high and the language is sweeping and humorous. It all reminds a little bit about the late absurdist Sture Dahlström’s works, even if the environment is Swedish city life.”
Affärsvärlden / SWE

“This is probably the most disorganized book I’ve read in a long time. But in a good way. And dreams ARE messy. The book is also funny. Read it to get a good laugh, and maybe even a little food for the thought.”
Bokkanalen / SWE

“Stjernström is onto something when Enn assembles the peephole backwards. He wants to keep track of his home, before he enters. A spicy idea.”

“If the purpose was to totally confused readers, the author has succeeded.”
Mitt i / SWE

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