Lovisa Andersson was once a fully functioning person but for some reason she lost her grip on life. She left her family and her job as a pharmaceutical scientist and now lives isolated from society with her many cats as only company.

Her daughter Petra is expecting a baby and on her way up her career at the same pharmaceutical company her mother left several years earlier. Strange complications arise around her pregnancy, complications which can be linked to her mother’s past.

Petra’s search for answers leads to the beautiful but uninhabited outer archipelago outside Stockholm. There hides a gloomy islet with a dark history. A secret military installation was there during the 1980s, whose merciless research experiments must be kept secret at any cost.

What happened to Petra’s mother? What secret research with frightful experiments on cats was conducted at the defence station, Station K? Who is trying to conceal the past? Can Petra be cured?

Everything seems to fit together.

STATION K is a riveting thriller about a young pregnant woman, her mother and a betrayal with immense consequences. It is also about cats, a parasitic disease and top-secret research experiments on animals conducted during the 1980s to develop a biological weapon. With terrifying twists, Peter Stjernström places the readers in a no-man’s land where the unthinkable becomes possible.

385 pages

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Sweden: Bladh by Bladh


“Stjernström really creates an eerie mood and a series of very unpleasant scenes in this articulated thriller, which inevitably makes one think of the rabid infected dog in Cujo, Stephen King’s classic from the eighties.”

“A well-written and frightening image of medical research that gets out of hand, and the people affected by the madness of scientific progress frenzy.”
Borås Tidning / SWE

“Stjernström has his own style and language. His brushing is different so even if the motif is apparently familiar, he paints in a new way. The novel is exciting, touching, sad, full of love and hope. It concerns current matters and makes you think an extra lap.”
Epiloger, book blog / SWE

Station K was very good, rugged, well-written, exciting and definitely very different … difficult to put down.”
Bokfrun / SWE

“A suspense novel with a capital S. Extremely exciting to the last page. A well-written, credible and well-designed story with strong characters. /../ The pages practically turn themselves in this thrilling page turner.”
I min bokhylla / SWE

“Exciting, shaking & well-written!”
Jennie’s boklista / SWE

“What a book, what a story! Scary good page turner. Don’t start reading if you don’t have time to finish the book, because you won’t let go of it until the last page is read! Rating 5/5”
Bokprataren / SWE

“Peter Stjernström is an excellent plot and setting constructor. He knows how to make our spines shiver.”
DAST Magazine, Nisse Scherman/Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy

Station K by Peter Stjernström is undoubtedly on the top list of the most unpleasant books I’ve read. /… / Now it may sound like I didn’t like the book, but on the contrary, it’s incredibly good! Exciting and scary and with vivid depicturing. /…/ Read it! Rating 5/5.”
Sofias bokhylla / SWE

Station K is a very exciting book that made cold shivers crawl along my spine and made me look at my cats with different eyes./…/ Best Book of the Month.”
Boklysten / SWE

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