“An old and dying man had been found suffocated in his bed. Someone had stuffed his whole throat full of fish.”

At Visby Hospital lies the charismatic original Walla Hammar on her death bed. Her loved ones are grieving. At the same time, an old man is murdered in Walla’s ward. His death suggests that something evil from the past has come to life. The trail leads to a notorious gang of smugglers and a private treatment center. Soon, more lives will be at risk. Debts must be settled.

Old misdeeds and abuses from the past refuse to let go of their victims. No one is safe as long as former wrongdoings are unresolved. But who owes whom? And who shall be held accountable today?

As usual, the people in the colorful circle around Walla use different methods to solve the mysteries.

The Smugglers is the third, independent part about Walla Hammar and her closest ones on southeastern Gotland. Different sides of human nature meet in dramatic stories. Objectivity is challenged by superstition, evil fights against good, love battles hate.


Sweden: Lind & Co

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“… The author skilfully weaves these stories together into a dramatic finish. The novel has an excellent dramaturgy …/…/ The language is smooth and the environments from Gotland very vivid.”
Grade 4 – Very good, BTJ Kent Lidman

“… a really entertaining read … priceless scenes … burlesque humor but also deeply touching parts and many scenes that will be difficult to forget … the storytelling is bursting of joy.”
Kapprakt / SWE

“An exciting crime novel and a reading adventure that stands out in the flood of books. Highly recommended!”
Agneta Norrgård, book reviewer at radio P4 Västernorrland and on Instagram/Facebook / SWE

“Reading Peter Stjernström’s books about Walla Hammar and her closest are moments of celebration. No one can weave together in such a perfectly natural way such widely disparate subjects as man’s threat to nature, social criticism, serious crime, the ‘world beyond’ and magnificent Gotland environments to touching, interesting and exciting books.”
Boksann / SWE

“Easy to read, well thought out with fine character descriptions and fine portrayal of the environments on Gotland.”
Mia’s book / SWE

“It’s skillfully scripted and exciting”
DAST Magazine / SWE

“Read this book. /…/ Colorful personalities and an exciting plot that grips and engulfs you. Very well written and easy to read.”
Bokhylla 61 / SWE

“Walla is a colorful character, a detective of the people. She solves problems together with those closest to her. There is speed and breath in the story. Some scenes are brilliant and there is also an original method of murder here.”
Nisse Scherman, member of The Swedish Academy of Crime Fiction

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