Anna Karolina

A drone approaches the upper deck of the luxury yacht. It drops a package which Bianca Aguilera opens with a pounding heart. When she sees what it contains, she collapses in the arms of her bodyguard. A head…

Köhler’s Law Firm, runned by Angela Köhler and Ebba Tapper, gets a new high-profile case. Anita Spendel, CEO of Sweden’s largest freight company Spendels, is suspected of murdering her husband Martin Spendel. According to Anita, he has disappeared voluntarily only to irritate her. To win the case, Ebba must find Martin, and find out what happened.

Ebba’s investigations lead her to Bianca Aguilera, who is CFO at Spendels. Who exactly is Bianca, and where does she come from? She is young and intelligent and has quickly risen in the ranks at Spendels, and is gaining more and more power in the company. But what kind of freight are they really working with? Ebba becomes increasingly involved in the case, where nothing is as it seems to be, while she continues to struggle with her messy private life.

The Bodyguard is the second book in the Ebba Tapper series.

350 pages


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