Anna Karolina

Anyone could commit a crime. Some do it for money, some for revenge. And some just can’t seem to help themselves. It doesn’t matter if you’re a police officer or a criminal.

Adnan just served his punishment for serious drug offence. Now, he has got to acquire cash quickly to pay off his debts, but he keeps getting harassed by the cops.

Magnus is a police superintendent, skillfully balancing on the verge of the law, trying to catch the bad guys. He enjoys women, but they haven’t got anything to do in his department.

Amanda is a newly graduated police officer with a personal agenda. She resolutely gets closer to what she is looking for: in the police corridors, in the underworld, and at the hottest night clubs in Stockholm. And she is prepared to sacrifice everything.

437 pages


Denmark: Gyldendal
Finland: Minerva, Into (audio)
France: Piranah
Germany: Berlin Verlag
Japan: Harper Collins
Norway: WAPI
Poland: WAPI
Sweden: Bokfabriken
UK/US: Bokfabriken (World English Rights)

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