Anna Karolina

A woman murders her own seven-year-old daughter, and the police can’t see any other explanation than that the woman must have been under the influence of the hallucinogen drug “bath salt”, also known as “the cannibal drug” MDPV. When other, similar murders are committed in Stockholm it becomes the police’s highest priority to find the person delivering the lethal drug, the mob boss Milorad Kraljevic.

At her own initiative, the young, ambitious police officer Amanda gets involved in the underground circles, to which the mob boss belongs. There is a great chance of being exposed. And it doesn’t seem to get any less risky when Adnan turns up again. They have had a secret love affair, but he has been on the run from justice as a suspected police killer. She has been able to keep the fact that he is the father of her twin children secret until now. But when one of the twins is kidnapped, everything is put at risk.

Meanwhile, a new load of “bath salt” is on its way into the country, and there’s a great chance the drug will demand even more victims.

352 pages


Denmark: Gyldendal
Finland: Minerva, Into (audio)
Germany: Piper
Norway: WAPI
Poland: WAPI
Spain: WAPI
Sweden: Bokfabriken

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