Anna Karolina

How much are you willing to risk for a clear conscience?

Police officer Fabian Palm has just got his dream job on the drug squad. But the dream turns to a nightmare when a raid goes wrong, and a young woman dies. Fabian wants to call in the incident on the police radio, but his group leader stops him. Why would you sacrifice everything for a drug-addled junkie?

A little while later, a homeless man is arrested for the murder. It seems to be a watertight plan, until it is revealed that the homeless man was previously an entrepreneur and has a powerful network. He gets himself the best defense available, Investigator Ebba Tapper at Köhlers Law Firm. Soon, Fabian and his colleagues have Ebba on their heels and the closer she gets to the truth, the bigger the fractures in the police squad become.

The Force is the highly anticipated third installment in the series about the ex-police officer who now works as an investigator at one of Sweden’s leading Law Firms. The Force is equal parts break-neck thriller and thought-provoking police drama, from one of Sweden’s sharpest crime writers today – Anna Karolina.

351 pages


Sweden: Bokfabriken


“Moral dilemmas have always been at the center of Anna Karolina’s writing, and the new book is no exception. Characteristic for this author is high credibility when it comes to police work and fifteen years as a police officer is noticeable in the text. It is a dramatic story with strong characters, dazzling storytelling techniques, creative details, impressive language, brutal scenes, sensitive tempo variation and a solid anchoring in very real social problems.”
Kapprakt /SWE

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