Johanna Mo nr. 1 on Der Spiegel

Big news from Germany! Johanna Mo claims the first spot on Der Spiegel’s bestseller list with her fourth book in the Hanna Duncker series, one week after publication. 

The Trembling Glass (Nebelstunde in German) was released on February 14th, and exactly one week later, it took over the nr. 1 spot on Der Spiegels bestseller list. We are so proud to be working together with Johanna and this wonderful series.

About the book: Hanna Duncker and her boyfriend Isak are expecting a baby. After a stabbing, where Hanna almost loses the baby, Isak tries to convince her to work less. Or ask for desk duty. But Hanna can’t live without work and is convinced that working is the best way to deal with the stabbing and the upcoming trial which she hopes will once and for all free her father from the crime he spent many years in prison for.

In Germany, Johanna Mo is published by Heyne Verlag.