Kronlöf recieves human rights prize

We are proud to announce that Bianca Kronlöf, author of LETTERS TO MEN, has been awarded the Swedish UN Federation’s prize for human rights for her work for gender equality. 

The motivation reads:

”In a time when work for gender equality meets resistance, Bianca Kronlöf is a strong voice for feminism and for young people. With satire and humour, she highlights racism, sexism and other injustices in society. In an intelligent and funny way, she educates the whole of Sweden and reaches even those who are not familiar with these issues. In the debate, she points to a culture of silence and jargon. Fearlessly, she discusses patriarchal structures, back dunks between men and sexist jokes in the media and cultural life. With her broad commitment, Bianca Kronlöf is a strong fighter for human rights.”