The Home set to become film

We are happy and proud to announce that The Home, Mats Strandberg’s horror novel from 2017, has been greenlighted to become a feature film, produces by [sic] film.

The Home: For the first time in 20 years, Joel has returned to the small town where he grew up. He has come back to help his mother Monika move into a home for the elderly. Monika is suffering from dementia, and Joel has become a parent to his own mother. The Home is an eerie story about love, friendship and the greatest fear of all; losing control of ourselves.

This is the third book by Mats Strandberg that Is being adapted to the screen, after The Conference (2023) and The Circle (2015). As with previous productions, Strandberg will be involved in the project, this time as script writer together with the director, Mattias J. Skoglund. The film will be shot on Gotland this spring.

Producer: Siri Hjorton Wagner
Director: Mattias J. Skoglund
Script: Mats Strandberg & Mattias J. Skoglund