The bookmarkets millenium affairs, book gossip, cranky books sellers, impossible campaign tricks and envious authors, in Buy Three And Get The Worst For Free Henrik Lange comments on the book business with the same celebrated humor as in his previous 80 Classic Books. In one single strip Henrik Lange captures what really interest us, the thruth, or what could be the thruth about how books are created and how they find their way onto the market that gets tougher and tougher. As usual Henrik Lange’s reflections are razor sharp, so you will both laugh and think when you read this book. Maybe things haven’t changed so much since Gutenberg printed his first book.

197 pages


Sweden: Kartago


“Lovely, disarming humor that suits everyone who is the least bit interested in books.”
Femina / SWE

“Cynical, yet with a twinkle in his eyes.”
Svenska Dagbladet blog / SWE

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