This is Dante. He is in hell. But what does he do here, and by the way, who is Dante? Let’s start from the beginning.

When Dante’s mother Bella Degli Abati, was expecting little Dante she had a peculiar dream. Was this an early sign that she was expecting an unusual child. The whole life of Dante, his growing up, the aligations against him, his exile and of course the long and winding road of The Divine Comedy. Henrik and Katarina Lange has created an educational and funny version which contains everything you need to know. The Lange couple has had great success worldwide with their intelligent and witty books about great writers.
Dante For People In A Hurry was originally published in Italy by Salani Editore.

250 pages


Denmark: Multivers
Italy: Salani Editore
Sweden: Natur & Kultur


“You’ll be more educated than you’d ever imagine.”
LitteraturMagazinet / SWE

“If you know just the slightes about the original work this ingeniously simple but appealing cartoons and the drastic summaries and quotes become an additional gem. Which also shows how silly the plot of a book can operate without its literary context. No, you will not be fully educated in an hour. But you might get the urge to learn more after this hour of fun.”
Hela / SWE

“For some readers, Henrik Lang’s In-A-Hurry books are the entrance to a new authorship, for others they’re humorus recognition of what they have already read. Whichever, it is a great shortcut to the history of literature.”
Arbetarbladet / SWE

“People with good judgment like Dante, and this book probably can, in all the simpleness, increasing the ranks of people with good judgment.” / SWE

“Absolutely wonderful! I have set out to read the classics this summer. Now I’ll manage Ibsen and Dante in an hour! And I’ll have so much fun while watching the cartoons.”
Hillevi Wahl blog / SWE

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