Childhood friend with Paul Cezanne, twice flunked at graduation, French citizen at the age of 22. The life of Emile Zola is full of surprises. He started as a journalist and wrote sentimental and political articles for various magazines. His article I accuse, where he took a stand for Dreyfuss in the so-called Dreyfus Affair gave him not only attention but also a year in prison. The passionate life of Zola is depictured with humorous comics and accurate texts. Henry and Katarina Lange give a picture of Zola that we seldom have seen it before. Zola For People In A Hurry is the second volume in the In-A-Hurry-series about the world’s greatest writers.

The book was first published in France by Henrik Lange’s French publisher, Editions çà et là.

164 pages


France: Editions çà et là
Sweden: Natur & Kultur

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