Carl Michael Bellman is as obvious as he is impossible to summarize. What we know about his life is surprisingly little, his art really pulls away from an actual description. Did he write poems, or was it song lyrics? Or maybe even dramas? And the world of drunks, prostitutes and courtesans, is it viewed from above, below or from the side?

The Langes have had great success worldwide with their intelligent and witty books about great writers.

186 pages


Sweden: Natur & Kultur


“As usual, it’s not only funny but also genuinely educational. The Lange’s describe and joke about the many biblical references in Bellman’s authorship, about his unknown gratitude to the dead Mozart, and a major misplaced modifier in Epistel 81 – all drawn in drastic contrasts with retained blackness and timeliness from the 18th century’s alleys and gutters. A fearless wyy to keep the cultural heritage alive.”
Dagens Nyheter / SWE

”This is never boring. On the contrary, the books about Selma Lagerlöf and Carl Michael Bellman are good entertainment and new example of an artform that Henrik and Katarina Lange are alone to do, at least in Sweden.”
Nya Wermlands Tidning / SWE

”I don’t think I e enjoyed  a picture book this much /…/ Read it! Enjoy the pictures and be fascinated by the story of Bellman’s life.”
Sladdertackans bokblogg / SWE

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