If August Strindberg would have lived today, what would he be Twittering about? How many friends would he have had on Facebook? Would he consider adding a werewolf to the characters of Hemsöborna?

In may 2012 it was 100 years since August Strindberg passed away. He left behind him a literary treasure which has become very important to Swedish literature. The Centennial will be celebrated both in Sweden and abroad and of course, Henrik Lange will pay his own very personal tribute to the great author.

Strindberg for People In A Hurry has the typical four panels comics summarizing each different Strindberg titles. The book also has texts and illustrations about what happened in the world during Strindberg’s life time. Besides the literary heritage Strindberg left family and colleagues and a good number of enemies behind. The book will deal with this as well. And other facts, such as the height of the author, what he liked to eat, what he read. Did he listen to music, what is Absint? And his complicated relationships to women. Did the man actually hate women? Add to this the powerful quotes dealing with everything and everyone who Strindberg came across.

Pages: 160


France: Editions çà et là
Sweden: Kartago


“Katarina and Henrik Lange’s entertaining book is a really nice contribution to the rapidly growing collection of Strindberg literature. And it’s definitely one of the funniest.”
Nya Wermlands Tidning / SWE

“A good introduction to Strindberg, both as a fun thing for people who already know about the author and as an appetizers for those who are Strindberg noobs.”
Litteraturmagazinet / SWE

“I really like the arrangement, a phenomenon, a book or film is presented in a couple of comic strips. They are fun in some subtle way, and usually really pinpoints the essence. This book combines compressed Strindberg’s works with lots of information about Strindberg as a person. So, head into Strindberg’s world for a while.”
Bokguldet.se / SWE

“Henrik and Katarina Lange take on the anniversary poet with a twinkle in their eyes. The book is written and animated in veneration for the poet. One can sence the love of Strindberg behind the book. Strindberg, for People In A Hurryshould be sent straigt to all secondary schools in Sweden. Being able to laugh about Strindberg is a good start, then you can start to cry with him.”
Tidningen Kulturen / SWE

“Strindberg, for People In A Hurry is one insanely funny book, which also contains a great lesson. Read it!”
Lyrans Noblesser / SWE

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