After surgery following a gunshot wound and with a new appearance, Elias is recruited to infiltrate Eric Hands and his shady business empire.

Elias is now Tom White, code name The Prophet. He is a willing agent who seeks justice and revenge for his murdered father. The question is whether his employer has the same agenda. The mission becomes increasingly dangerous and morally questionable. The demanding role puts Elias in a mental pressure cooker with no chance to escape.

The False Prophet continues the dramatic events of the first part of the trilogy – The Winter of the Prophet. Frightening, nail-biting, and with an unexpected love story.

344 pages


Czech republic: Omega
Finland: WAPI
Germany: Goldmann
Italy: SEM
The Netherlands: Ambo Anthos
Sweden: Polaris



“The least one can say is that every page is exciting, the pace is so fast it’s impossible to stop reading; you just want to know how it will end. The characters and environments are so skillfully described that you feel a strong presence throughout the book. The main theme is the question of whether all means really are allowed in the chase for the really bad villains. Anyone who wants a well-written, engaging and intelligent suspense novel gets exactly that.”

“And in the middle of all suspense and the advancing plot the writer successfully develops the characters further, especially their relationship to one another. If you enjoyed the first book in the Elias Krantz-trilogy you can and must read The False Prophet as well.”
Bü / DE

“With a high tempo and a scary story, that could very well be true, Håkan Östlundh once again proves that he is one of our best suspense novelists.”
Frökensmillaskänslaförböcker / SWE

“Insanely exciting towards the end and a necessity to know how things will turn out Elias/Tom!”
Mrs. E’s books  / SWE

“The sinister Swedish winter landscape in The Winter of the Prophet is now exchanged for luxury and flair on the Riviera. A cleverly constructed intrigue that keeps the reader in constant tension, at just the right level. Otherwise, I have a bit of a hard time with infiltration stories as I find them too exciting, so I can barely stand it. Here it stays on the right side of that border. Nice and well written about power and corruption. And unfortunately very believable.”
bok_stavligt /SWE

“Exciting, gripping & scary!”
Jennie’s Boklista / SWE

“Well-written, exciting and easy-to-read suspense novel that makes me long for the next part of the trilogy, in order to find out how things will go for the Prophet.”
Boklysten  / SWE

“Sets you up for stretch reading”
Zellys bokhylla / SWE

“Exciting and original […] Östlundh is a skilled writer, the craftmanship behind this book is indisputably great.”
DAST Magazine, Nisse Scherman/Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy

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