In the first quarter of 2024, Nilla Kjellsdotter, Anna Jansson and Charlotte Al-Khalili held place nr. 1 on Storytel, a total of 43 days. That is 47 %, half the time of the whole period! 

During the first quarter of 2024 the three Grand authors – Nilla Kjellsdotter, Anna Jansson and Charlotte Al-Khalili – all reached place number one on the top list on Storytel! Together they stayed there for 43 days, a fantastic result, with the books Close your eyes (Kjellsdotter), Victims of the unknown (Jansson) and When everything is over (Al-Khalili).

When Everything Is Over is the first part in a new, high-class suspense series written by Charlotte Al-Khalili. The main character, Olivia Oldenheim, is the sharpest prosecutor in the room but often underappreciated due to her physical disability.

In Victims of the UnknownAnna Jansson insightfully portrays the angst of the teenage years, and offers us nail-biting suspense where Maria Wern and her police colleagues are put in charge of the investigation.

In Close your eyes Nilla Kjellsdotter is back with a new page-turner about Mija Wadö and her colleagues at the Ostrobothnian Police. When two men are found shot in the same way, the police are faced with a growing mystery.

It is clear that Storytel listeners loves a Grand crime.