Seven days, seven deadly sins, seven stories.

In this short story collection, crime writer Jonas Moström and his daughter, Roseanna Lagercrantz, are offering chilly suspense, creepy atmosphere and brutal evil, one deadly sin is served every day of the week; from pride and glotteny to envy and wrath. A neighbour feud that goes terribly out of hand, an eerie claustrophobic subway ride. Six of seven stories are standalones, but in one of them Nathalie Svensson from Moström’s well-known crime series shows up.

Since the debut with his crime novel The Pendelum of Death 2004, Jonas Moström has achieved great success with his series about inspector Johan Axberg and criminal profiler Nathalie Svensson. In 7 Days he writes with his daughter Roseanna Lagercrantz.

App 5,5 hours, 7 episodes

Monday Murder, Superbia (pride)
Tuesday Tyrant, Avaritia (greed)
Wednesday Weakness, Luxuria (lust)
Thursday Trauma, Invidia (envy)
Friday Felony, Gula (glotteny)
Saturday Savagery, Ira (wrath)
Sunday Sisters, Acedia (sloth)



Sweden: Lind & Co

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