Doctor Thomas Hoffman is found dead in the woods outside of Sundsvall with a solitary domino lodged in his throat and rectangles cut out of the flesh of his back. At the same time, chief physician Erik Jensen disappears during his night shift at the hospital. The only traces left on the scene are his name tag and a domino.

Inspector Johan Axberg, who is also Erik’s best friend, is assigned to the cases, and it seems evident that they are connected.

In Uppsala, psychiatrist Nathalie Svensson is asked to go to Sundsvall to assist in the investigation. Initially, she hesitates, she has recently been through a traumatic time herself and needs to rest. But when she finds out that her sister, Estelle, is the last person to have seen Erik Jensen alive, she realises she has to go.

With a case that involves a desperate search for a missing friend and suspicions cast at a sister, Nathalie and Johan have to try their hardest to stay professional. The hunt is on for a murderer who seems to act in complex and compulsive ways. Who else is at risk? And above all, what is the significance of the dominos?

320 pages


Czech Republic: Albatros Media, XYZ
Denmark: People’s
Estonia: Kirjastus Kunst
Finland: Gummerus
Germany: Ullstein
Iceland: Storyside
Netherlands: Ambo|Anthos
Norway: Bonnier Norsk Forlag
Poland: BookBeat
Sweden: Lind & Co, Pocketförlaget


“A thrilling, fast-paced game of dominoes.”
Länstidningen, LTZ / SWE

“The reader is kept in the dark right up to the final dramatic chapter. Well-written, exciting and with an unusual set up. Extremely readable indeed.”
Ölandsbladet / SWE

“There are several elements to writing good crime novels. One is intrigue, and another is holding a level of language that keeps the reader captivated. Moström more than ticks the boxes here […] A great bit of cold-weather reading that will make you shiver and leave you hungry for more.”
Piteå-Tidningen / SWE

“The tempo remains high and the suspense is ramped up all the way through, as new connections are revealed between the characters. […] One of the best books in the series, you simply can’t let go until you reach the back cover.”
Sundsvalls Tidning / SWE

“As the book goes on you are thrown from hope to despair at top speed. The plot grows ever more complex, keeping the reader’s hands full. The perpetual question is whether or not the team can find Erik Jensen before he too turns up dead with a domino piece in his back, and before the murderer can claim any more victims.”
Länstidningen Östersund / SWE

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