A Sunday in November, actress Helena Melvinder is brutally stabbed to death in her kitchen. When the police and the command of Chief Inspector Johan Axberg, arrive at the scene, the victim’s son Elias is sitting bloody on the floor. Elias has Down’s syndrome and clutching his mother tightly. He refuses to let go and cannot explain what has happened.

When it is discovered that Helena has previously sought the help of Nathalie Svensson for her son’s violent tendencies, the suspicions go straight to Elias. But is he really capable of murder? Soon the police turn their attention elsewhere. Could it be one of her lovers or is it Elias’s father who wants to get his hands on Helena’s fortune?

The only concrete clue is the wooden figure Elias is carving, which is believed to represent the killer. And as it is emerging, the noose around the killer tightens …

At home, Nathalie and Johan face difficult personal questions about ethics and morality that puts their relationship to the test.

Dead End is the ninth stand-alone in Jonas Moström’s popular and award-winning detective series about psychiatrist Nathalie Svensson and Chief Inspector Johan Axberg.

462 pages


Denmark: People’s
Iceland: Storyside
Sweden: Norstedts

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“An easy-to-read, captivating mystery, which can also give the reader a greater understanding of people in a difficult situation.” Raiting: 5/5

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