At Sundsvall hospital, a young woman has locked herself in her room and is threatening suicide. Psychiatrist Nathalie Svensson manages to get inside, to find the woman standing on the window ledge, about to jump..

Meanwhile, a twenty year old woman has been found dead in the Selångersån river, in the middle of Sundsvall. She was beaten to death and dumped in the water. It seems she went missing without a trace four months ago, and when Johan Axberg takes over the investigation he realises that the colleague who previously ran it did an incredibly shoddy job.

What is the connection between the two women – one in the hospital and one found so brutally murdered in the river? Johan and Nathalie dig deeper into the mystery, even as their own relationship becomes more comfortable. They discover that they are on the trail of a killer whose motivation is beyond imagining.

Inhuman is the eighth standalone title in Jonas Moström’s popular and award-winning series about psychiatrist Nathalie Svensson and Criminal Inspector Johan Axberg.

447 pages


Denmark: People’s
Finland: Gummerus
Iceland: Storyside
Sweden: Norstedts


“Inhuman is an exciting, well-written crime story, as well as his previous novels.”
Rating: 4

Inhuman is a page turner you can´t stop read, and as always in Moström’s books, it all ends with a twist.”
Bohuslänningen / SWE

Inhuman is good entertainment and distraction from reality. I will continue to read this series and look forward to the next book.”
Rating 4
Lottens bokblogg / SWE

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