Taken by Shadows is the fifth stand-alone title in the series about psychiatrist and profiler Nathalie Svensson and inspector Johan Axberg.

It is the coldest winter for decades and the cold hits the small town of Svartviken. The village’s popular Lucia celebration is coming up, but the actual Lucia, sixteen-year-old Ebba Lindgren, doesn’t show up for her own coronation. She left her home to walk the five hundred meters to the church, but never arrived.

New and old conflicts surface when everyone suddenly suspects everyone. After five days, the police in Östersund has to put the search for Ebba down. The next day, her teacher is found brutally stabbed to death in her kitchen.

When a few days have passed and the local police still hasn’t gotten any closer to solving the case, Nathalie Svensson, Johan Axberg and the other members of the Swedish national profiling team are called in.

It turns out to be a difficult investigation and they quickly realize that they must reach into the core of the village to have a chance to solve the cases.

423 pages

Rights sold

Denmark: People’s
Finland: Gummerus
Iceland: Storyside
Germany: Ullstein
Norway: Bonnier Norsk Forlag
Sweden: Lind & Co

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