The twenty-five-year-old national soccer star, Henrik Borg, is found dead in his bed, in his summer cottage outside Ystad, in south of Sweden. All evidence indicates that he died of natural causes, but one detail confuses the police: on Henrik Borg’s chest, between his folded hands, lies a blue rose.

Within one week, two more dead bodies are found under similar circumstances: a male pilot in Kiruna, and a young female dancer in Gothenburg.

The Swedish national profiling team is called in, and psychiatrist and criminal profiler Nathalie Svensson interrupts her vacation to participate in the investigation. Her colleague, Inspector Johan Axberg is hesitatent at first, he has a full hand getting his personal life straightened out, and puts all work aside. But a phone call makes him change his mind.

An intense pursuit of an unpredictable serial killer begins. The victims are found all across Sweden, and the team has to split up to continue their investigation. How are the murders committed? What is the motive? And above all, where will he – or she – strike again?

421 pages


Denmark: People’s
Finland: Gummerus
Germany: Ullstein
Iceland: Storyside
The Netherlands: Ambo Anthos
Norway: Bonnier Norsk Forlag
Poland: BookBeat
Sweden: Lind & Co

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