The attraction is inevitable when undertaker Fia Frid and investment banker George Dunkel run into each other on a gray winter day.

The only problem is that George is a recent widower and Fia has promised herself never to fall in love again. As an excuse to get a chance to continue to see each other after a first hot night together, they begin to consult each other professionally. Fia, however, makes clear that she does not want his love until he has overcome his sorrow – and definitely not his financial help.

Meanwhile, a friend of George’s deceased wife, Marika, has decided to put her claws in George. In between Fia’s secret dates with George, every now and then she suddenly and unexpectedly runs into Marika, and begins to clearly see the true side of her. How can Fia make George understand who Marika really is? And how will she manage to turn her funeral home around economically? And – is George worth waiting for?

Love City is the second book in Stockholm Romance, a trilogy with strong passion, sparkling intrigues and strong conscious women.

410 pages


Denmark: Harper Collins Nordic
Finland: Harper Collins Nordic
Norway: Harper Collins Nordic
Sweden: Harper Collins Nordic


“I read her first book as well, and this one is at least as good. Romance, entertainment and intrigues! Great that there are more and more Swedish authors writing romance! Go Go!”
Boklusens bokblogg / SWE

“Entertaining, touching and funny!”
Jennies boklista, blog / SWE

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