She’s young, successful and the heiress to The Firm. Sofi Enhörning has the whole world at her feet, yet there is something that is not right …

When a crisis threatens the investment company The Firm Sofi is forced to engage a business consultant. The consultant is none other than Peder Wikingsson, notoriously surrounded by scandal rumors, former elite horse rider and a professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. And as the company’s problems weren’t enough, Sophie is caught off guard by the strong emotions Peder arouses in her. While she finds it increasingly difficult to resist the consultant, her future husband Lord Otto Bååth, is unknowingly waiting at the estate.

The tabloids reveals the forbidden romance, Otto becomes increasingly demanding and The Firm’s stock value skylark. Sofi’s world is falling apart. Sofi puts her private problems aside and buries herself in work. Meanwhile, both Otto and Peder try to win her heart. Who can she trust in a world where money rules? And who will she choose – reliable Otto, a safe harbor at all times, or the charismatic Peder, who gives her everything she ever dreamed of?

288 pages


Denmark: Harper Collins Nordic
Finland: Harper Collins Nordic
Norway: Harper Collins Nordic
Sweden: Harper Collins Nordic


“The book is a perfect romance. Easy read mixed with carved out characters and beautiful tone. A cozy moment in the couch getting inside the rich world, life choices, love and friendship.”
brabocker_books, blog / SWE

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