Wild Angel is an intriguing book aimed at a popular audience, with an expressive literary style. Timotej’s story raises questions of identity, class and how death affects us all. The book was well-received by the Swedish media.

Anna-Marie goes by the name Timotej, Thyme, the herb which grows wild in the field where she was conceived. She grew up in a bustling upper middle class family in Stockholm during the 70’s. When her parents divorce, she and her brother are forced to live in two separate worlds: the glamorous jet-set one week and gray suburban life the next. Her mother Jenny meets a new man and they move to London, they are swept into a life filled with private schools, wild parties and sexual adventures. But one day, all the money and privilege become useless, once Timotej’s mother is diagnosed with a terrible disease.

348 pages


Sweden: Natur & Kultur, Månpocket


“Her language has the same perfect drive and flow as the best among the more entertaining British authors do.”
Svenska Dagbladet / SWE

“Right down into the darkness but in good spirits.”
Dagens Nyheter / SWE

“Lina Forss is a great stylist.”
Hallandsposten / SWE

“Actually, I don’t think I can tribute her enough.”
Damernas Värld / SWE

“4:th on the list: The debuting novel Wild Angel is an unsentimental and stylistically nice partly autobiographical novel about life the way it can look in the upper class.”
Aftonbladet / SWE

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