What happens when the King falls ill and the kingdom must be divided between the four sisters? The King in this story is named Kurt Leander and his kingdom is big business, kalled The Firm. Like many omnipotent and immortal men before him Leander is quite sure about the end of it all. So, like King Lear, he declares that the daughter who loves him most will take over the company, the major clothing company with stores throughout the world.

The struggle starts between the sisters, Gabbie, Reggie, Alex and Cornelia. Cornelia, Leander’s actual favorite, is not interested in fighting. She loves her dad and she loves London where she is studying fashion. Cornelia also likes her sister’s husband Abbe a little too much, and Abbe likes her. This means problems, as does Gabbies business with her dear cousin Eric. But everything must be kept within the family, for the sake of The Firm. So Cornelia sleeps with Frank to get over Abbe. Gabbie gets pregnant in order to get over Cornelia and Eric, and Reggie leaves the university in Lund and her beloved Calle to drive her father back and forth to chemotherapy. No one really knows what Alex is doing.

And it goes on, until the day in December when Leander, not yet dead, calls them all to the testament reading. Because he has written a new will.

304 pages


Sweden: Telegram

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