Johanna Mo

When Nanna’s mom is killed in a car accident, Nanna’s world crashes around her. The summer holiday becomes a time of sadness. To cheer her up, Nanna’s best friend Lilly takes her with to the ancient castle Eketorp. The place means a lot to Nanna – not least because her mom loved to go there.

But this time, everything is different. Suddenly, the necklace that Nanna got from her mom starts to burn like a fire, the world disappears, and when she wakes up, Nanna finds herself at a completely different Eketorp. The ground is covered in snow, and she sees strange people in old fashioned clothes.

Soon, Nanna is given a dangerous mission that she must complete to be allowed to return home again – and to ensure that she even has a home to return to! The powerful god Lodur is threatening not only to devastate this world, but also the world that Nanna considers her own…

A breathtaking page-turner about parallel worlds, the climate crisis and Nordic mythology, as well as how the loss of one parent is often felt like the loss of both. The Dying Tree is the first book in what is planned to be the Lodur’s Shadow series.


Sweden: Bonnier Carlsen


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