A young woman is found drowned in Christianshavns Kanal. When investigator Georg Guldmann discovers that it is a case of murder, it quickly turns out that the woman is not the only victim.

The threads of the investigation leads to the Copenhagen restaurant scene, the house of parlament Christiansborg and the Opera House. It’s first in the court room that the gruesome truth come to light one day. Or does it?

Lone Theils wrote “87 seconds” based on her research for a series of radio programs on Danmarks Radio. 87 seconds is the time a person on average holds their breath under water before the brain sends a desperate and deadly signal to the body to breathe.

190 pages


Czech Republic: SAGA
Denmark: DR and Lindhardt og Ringhof
Finland: SAGA
France: SAGA
Germany: SAGA
Italy: SAGA
The Netherlands: SAGA
Poland: SAGA
Sweden: SAGA


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87 Seconds provides a very accurate narrative that does not follow several different tracks. The fact that you follow one main character and one case means that the case itself is in focus. It means that you don’t get as close to the secondary  secondary characters. However, this is not bad, on the contrary, it is almost liberating that you are only inside one person’s head.”

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