When the local police chief is decapitated, and the murder is filmed and aired on line, the small town of Toppingham UK is shaken in its’ foundations. Nora Sand is sent to the town by her Danish employer, Global Magazin, to cover the cruel story.

It doesn’t take long for Nora to find out that there are many inhabitants in Toppingham who are relived by the corrupt police chief ’s death. But she also realizes that the case is much more complicated and horrible than it first seems. Another murder is comitted and people disappear before Nora has a chance to talk to them. Actually, there seems to be many persons in town who are willing to kill to keep their secrets hidden.

Hushed Up is the fourth book in Lone Theil’s nerve-wracking crime series about Nora Sand, which this time has to try to help a large number of young girls being abused. As earlier, the current Nora Sand crime novel cover a nasty case based on real events.

304 pages


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Shuuto Arctic, Norway & REinvent, Denmark


“As Always Lone Theils is on top of world events and true to habit she writes like a dream . This is classic crime fiction with a classic heroine, but Theils is working with such current issues that her novels at the same time offers us a close up of elements of the world we are living in, so they are more current than classical. I love it, and I love Nora Sand, the speed, the subplots and the sheer energy were are presented with in the extremely exciting Stilleleg.”
Feminia / DK

“Lone Theils manages to create a well carved out crime novel, as well as setting a horrible contemporary problem under debate. This mix of the debating with the delicate relief of what lies behind the crimes, makes the reading a nice experience. In other words, it is like rewarding entertainment – if one likes that.”
Dagbladenes Bureau / DK

“Lone Theil is thriving in her fourth book in the crime series about the Danish journalist Nora Sand. A brutal IS-like murder of one prominent police officer sends Nora to the English provincial town of Toppingham. She discovers that the town is hiding a dark secret involving very young girls. /…/ And with a cliffhanger of grand format, Theils leaves us in unbearable wait for the fifth book.”
Søndag / DK

“Hushed Up is a very exciting crime that has its root in real events that have taken place in an English town. It contains interesting themes: young girls’ indulgence in older handsome guys, substance abuse, parenting failure, incompetent police officers, politicians who “sweep unpleasant things under the carpet”, etc. /…/No doubt there will be a fifth crime with Nora Sand as the book ends with a cliffhanger of format. That book just needs to be read as well.”
Findals Krimside, blog / DK

“Lone Theils is absolutely brilliant in her new novel. And with a cliffhanger and with a cliffhanger of large format, Theils leaves us in unbearable wait for the fifth novel.”
Familjejournalen / DK

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